Here you can find step by step walkthrough's on how to use the Menu-Cast Digital Menu Board Software. We are currently recording tutorials for version 4.1 and they will be freely available to view soon.

Title Description Link
1. Getting Started with Menu-Cast This tutorial explains the basics of logging in. An overview of the software interface. How to open, save and publish your digital menu data. View tutorial
2. Creating and Managing Displays This tutorial explains how to use the 'Display Manager' to create, edit and delete your displays View tutorial
3. Files and Assets In this tutorial we show you how you can upload Images, Video and Flash to your asset library, as well as how to include them in your displays through the use of <a href="/node/5">Media Areas</a> View tutorial
4. Media Areas / Videos and Slideshows In this tutorial we explain how you can use Media Areas in your designs to add Video / Animated Graphics and create slideshows on your displays View tutorial