Menu-Cast Designer


This section provides detailed information on using and understanding the Menu-Cast Designer software and the graphical user interface.

All HD Video, Imagery, Adobe Flash Media and text content displayed on the Menu-Cast system is managed through use of the Menu-Cast Designer interface.

In addition, managing time scheduling, promotions, locations, trading hours and all aspects of your digital menu board system are managed using the Menu-Cast Designer

Accessing the designer in browser

The Menu-Cast Designer is a type of In-Browser Software. This means that to access it you must use a Web Browser like Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome

Note: Microsoft Internet Explorer will also allow you to use our software but it is widely known as an insecure application and displays websites all over the internet incorrectly. We recommend using any of the browsers listed above as an alternative.

Access to the Menu-Cast Designer software is made in the same way as visiting any website on the internet.

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Navigate to
  3. Login to the server using your Menu-Cast Username and Password

Having our software accessible in-browser allows you to manage and update your menu boards from any internet enabled PC