Locations Manager


The Menu-Cast Digital Menu Board system can support an unlimited number of locations giving you total flexibility to manage any size business.

Each location can differ in style, number of screens, menu items and design and can be managed from one or all locations.

Managing these locations and screens is done by using the Location Manager

Interface Overview

The Locations Manager is split into two sections vertically, the 'Location List' and the 'Main Configuration Area'.

Note: unless you have opened a menu data file from either the server or a local backup '.mcd' file there will be no data to show

Location List

Upon opening a Menu Data File a vertical list of locations associated with your account should be displayed the left hand side of the Locations Manager interface.

Configuring Your Location

By default the first location in your Location list will be reflected in the configuration options on the right hand side and will display the name of the current location in large text at the top of the screen with the address of the location displayed directly below it.
For more information on how to manage your location see: Managing Multiple Locations

Location Tabs

Beneath the title and address of the location will be a number of tabs, 'Screens', 'Trading Hours' and if you are using the Menu-Cast Menu Rotator: 'Rotations'. Clicking each of these tabs will present you with different options on screen.

Screens Tab

This tab is selected by default upon selecting a location
On this tab you will be presented with numbered thumbnails representative of the Screens installed at this location. By clicking on each of these thumbnails you will be able to access the Screen Manager and access scheduling and advanced options for this Screen.

Underneath each of these Screen thumbnails are displayed:

  • The title of the Screen eg. 'Specials', 'Screen 2', 'Drinks'
  • The resolution of the Screen eg. '1360x768' in Pixels
  • A count of how many Displays have been scheduled to show on this Screen

Note: To navigate to the Screen Manager and access scheduling options and Screen Setup click one of the Screen thumbnails.

Trading Hours Tab

This tab allows you to set the trading hours of your location with an opening and closing time (in 24 hour format eg. 0800 = 8:00am) for each day of the week.

This controls the automatic powering on and off of your Screens in store Daily

Rotation Schedule

This tab will only appear if the Menu Rotation System has been purchased and attached to your Menu-Cast account

This tab presents the interface for setting the start date and rotation period for your location.

For more information on using a Rotation Schedule see: Configuring the Menu Rotator